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UCF prides itself on being America’s Leading Partnership University, and our greatest partner is our community.

Each October, our faculty, staff, and students join with the Heart of Florida United Way to address some of our community’s greatest challenges and to benefit those who need help the most.

The money we raise for the United Way supports the local agencies that drive change, respond to emergencies, and provide hope on a daily basis for a better life.

Even small donations can have a big impact for someone in need, and the United Way offers many options for directing your contributions. We invite you to find a cause that aligns with your values, experiences, or goals.

UCF Knights have a proud tradition of generosity, and we thrive on confronting challenges and delivering solutions. Please give what you can today to help make Central Florida a better place for all of us.

Good Food, Good Crowd, Great Cause!

UCF Recreation and Wellness Center’s Annual Lunch Around the World Brings is a great example of living united. November 2017 | By Scott Mauro (Orlando, FL) – Nothing brings a community of people together more than a good cause and free food. So when you combine the...
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Annual Panel Discusses Central Florida Education and its Impact on the Local Economy

October 2017 | By Arielle Morten When you think about the economy in the future, do you ever consider it falling short on the necessary amount of qualified professionals for the required jobs? Dr. Carroll, one of the expert panelists present at the event, mentioned...
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