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By Scott Mauro |

Our advocate team has been hard at work promoting the campaign so that everyone at UCF can make an informed decision about participating. Outreach efforts have included unique displays in common areas, bringing United Way and charity speakers to meetings, putting out information at at major events, displaying campaign information throughout departments, utilizing department websites and social media, and many other creative means to increase awareness about this important effort to make a difference for our community.

Efforts promoting the campaign are not fundraisers – all funds come from the employee Pledge Drive where each employee makes a personal donation and decides to which agency or program they would like to direct their charitable investment.  Opportunities to include campaign information and speakers at university events are welcome opportunities increase awareness and participation.

HIGHLIGHT: Recreation and Wellness Center Hosts Lunch Around the World

Blinis from Russia, Yucca con Mojo from Ecuador, Curry Chicken from Trinidad or good old Cookie Pie from the United States, those were just a few of the favorite dishes or desserts at the Recreation and Wellness Center’s annual Lunch Around the World to promote the UCF United Way Campaign.

UCF professional and student staff from the RWC, Wellness and Health Promotion Services, the College of Nursing, and the Office of Compliance provided 25 dishes and desserts for nearly 90 people at this year’s event. RWC Marketing and Communications Manager and a UCF United Way Advocate, Scott Mauro, says it’s the best show of support to date, “To have a record turnout this year means a lot. One, our campus guests get to try world-class dishes from students and staff who volunteer their time, skills and money. Plus, they get to learn how they can impact lives across Central Florida. Real people in real need. We’re happy to do our part in spreading the message.”

Each year guests vote on the best dishes. This year’s best dish went to Ayana Lopez, an Assistant Director of Academic Support Services from the College of Nursing for her Curry Chicken from Trinidad. RWC Intramural Supervisor and Senior here at UCF, Greg Metzger, won best dessert for his Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies.

United Way Campaign Chair, Richard Sloane, encouraged UCF donors to give because the money they donate stays here in Central Florida. This year’s goal is to raise $150,000 dollars to support charities including the Heart of Florida United Way and its partner agencies. For more information on the UCF United Way Campaign go to https://liveunited.ucf.edu.