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November 3 | By Linda Wood

I made a personal commitment to give my time to United Way since my budget didn’t allow room for a cash contribution, and I chose the Second Harvest Food Bank.  I baked 400 muffins for kids with special food restrictions. The muffins are distributed to children with food insecurities through way of special programs that provide lunches, snacks and weekend food packages. We made a special point to make sure that their food was the ‘same’ as the food that other moms were able to buy for their kids.

It wasn’t easy to make the muffins with ingredient restrictions because using no wheat-based flour, no eggs, no nuts, no dairy, no nut flavoring and no sugar was not easy, especially in a location where food is donated and supplies are uncertain. However, these muffins were going to kids who couldn’t eat the ingredients found in most muffins that were bought in a store; and their families could not afford to buy the special ingredients that are needed. I could just visualize the happy and surprised faces of children with special dietary needs as they opened the lunch that the Second Harvest Food Bank provided them through their school, and saw the yummy, special muffins that they could eat!


Linda Wood contributing her time with United Way by making muffins

The hungry of Central Florida – most of all the hungry children of Central Florida touch my heart.  I gave a morning of my time to the Second Harvest Food Bank and learned more about the amount of kids who go hungry right here in our own neighborhoods. Your time volunteering can help feed the children. Making a difference feels good!

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida is a private nonprofit organization that collects, stores and distributes donated food to more than 500 feeding partners in Central Florida, in six Central Florida countries. Second Harvest Food Bank is also a member of ‘Feeding America’, a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks that help feed people across the country.


The United Way team at Second Harvest Food Bank

Please consider volunteering with a United Way partner, or other nonprofit organization, if you are unable to make a cash contribution at this time.

Thank you from the hungry children of Central Florida.

For more information on the campaign and how you can give or designate your dollars contact the campaign manager at liveunited@ucf.edu  or go to liveunited.ucf.edu. To see more pictures from the event check out the Live United Flickr feed.