2017 GOALS

New books only.  And remember – these will be given to take home; choose books that children/youth will want to read.

K-5th Grade Reading Level: 50

6th-8th Grade Reading Level: 300

9th-12th Grade Reading Level: 650

Total: 1000


How You Can Help

Departments: Contact liveunited@ucf.edu and let us know your department is collecting and if you’d consider being a central drop-off location on campus!

Individuals: Drop off books at any of the following locations by May 31, 2017.

2017 Book Drive Flyer

Drop-Off Locations

Now through May 31, 2017

UCF Summer Literacy Book Drive

As part of its Day of Action, the United Way hosts literacy events to support local children and also supports partner agency literacy initiatives throughout the summer.  Last year, they provided more than 10,000 books to at-risk children in Central Florida.  By providing low-income students with access to books, the United Way hopes to encourage reading and enhance literacy over the summer months.

We need your help! Book drives across our region are needed to support this effort, and the University of Central Florida is an important partner of the United Way – let’s join in this effort and make an impact!

Focus on fun, interesting books! We will provide books – it will be up to the recipient to read them (or not). Select gifts that would appeal to youth and bring the joy of reading into their lives. Those who read for fun are exposed to more words, ideas, and perspectives, thus building on their cultural toolkit and enhancing their skills for success.

Over the past four years, this book drive at UCF has collected 1,418 books to support summer literacy in our community. Below is a breakdown of our current impact:



 How the books from this book drive are used

Day of Action: The United Way hosts its Day of Action literacy projects where hundreds of community volunteers participate in reading activities with children at local schools, shelters, and youth programs.  All of the children who attend the events receive books as gifts – last year, each child received at least five books!

Other Programs: Additional books are used to assist local literacy initiatives throughout the summer at United Way partner agencies.

Did you know:

In lower income neighborhoods, there are an average of one book per every three hundred children; in middle income neighborhoods, there are 13 books per every one child.  For every one line of print read by low-income children, middle-income children read three.   Summer learning loss accounts for two-thirds of the ninth grade achievement gap in reading.

Quick Facts on Summer Reading Loss:

  • Students can lose up to 25% of their reading level over the summer.
  • Reading just four books over the summer can prevent the summer slide, and can actually increase reading levels.
  • Price is the number one barrier to book ownership .
  • A recent study found that in middle-income neighborhoods, the ratio of age-appropriate books is 13 books for every child, while in low-income neighborhoods, it’s 1 book for every 300 children.
  • A conservative estimate of lost instructional time is approximately two months or roughly 22% of the school year.

It’s common for teachers to spend at least a month re-teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer, eliminating a month that could have been spent on new information.


bood drive achievement gap thumnail


book drive - trajectory graph



This campaign is an opportunity to demonstrate the giving spirit of our Knight Family. We join together and create resources and solutions for our community. This campaign provides a secure method for our employees' personal charitable investments to any charity of their choice and offers personalized support for any questions or concerns. Please contact us at 407-823-3094 or LiveUnited@ucf.edu.