2016 Advocate Team

Thank you to each Advocate for taking on the challenge of creating a meaningful and successful campaign for UCF!  These individuals completed the Advocate Certification for the 2016 Campaign and are ready to assist our employees with campaign questions and LIVE UNITED by being bold, loud, & visible – by making a scene, making some noise, and making a difference!

Each of these individuals is eligible for the Advocate Leadership Award given to the most creative, innovative advocates for our campaign.  Visit the award page to nominate someone to be recognized for their contributions!

* These individuals serve on the Campaign Management Team



Advocate LIVE UNITED T-Shirts

  • LIVE UNITED Fridays at UCF!

    For advocates who completed the orientation and are serving as representatives of the campaign in their departments, we are offering LIVE UNITED t-shirts to be worn on Fridays and other campaign days during October. Please fill out the below to request your shirt.
  • To get your LIVE UNITED t-shirt you must commit to at least one of the following dates.
  • Selections are limited and will be given on a first-come-first-served basis. If we don't have your requested size we will be in touch.


2016 Certified Advocates

Thank you to the advocates in BLUE for participating in t-shirt Fridays!


Andrea Sifre, Office of Instructional Resources

Anita Gabbard, Center for Distributed Learning

*Anjella Warnshuis, Political Science

Ashley Colquhoun, Human Resource Coordinator

Belinda Hyppolite, Student Development and Enrollment Services

Bonnie Marsh, UCF Daytona Beach Campus

Carl Dunn, Regional Campuses

Cathy Baust, Philosophy

Cathy Lewis, Operational Excellence and Assessment Support

Christy Shell, College of Medicine

*Crystal Colvenbach, UCF Health Center

Cynthia Gabriel, Burnett Honors College

Damien Chaffin, School of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

David Norvell, Facilities and Safety

Debbie Doyle, Administration Services Coordinator

Doshie Walker, Office of Research and Commercialization

Elida Prophete, Purchasing

Elizabeth Hardman, UCF Marketing

Esther Pennepacker, Institutional Knowledge Management

Frank Kujawa, Chemistry

*Gabrielle Bell, Recreation & Wellness Center

Gerald Deveau, Regional Campuses

Heather Simeon, Office of the President

Jeffery Golub, Judaic Studies

Jennifer Fackler, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Jennifer Parham, Office of Graduate Financial Assistance

Joan Reynolds, Interlibrary Loan

Joanne McCully, Recreation and Wellness Center

Joe Thalheimer, Security and Emergency Management

Jordan Castillo, Graduate Student Services

Juana Pasco, Biology

Julie Voyles, Activity and Service Fee Business Office

Karen Smith, College of Medicine, Dean’s Office

Katherine Tighe, Rosen College Undergraduate Studies

Kiela Sims, Inclusive Education Services

Kimberly Ortiz, Regional Campuses

Kristina Chavers, Student Financial Assistant

Linda Alexander, Educational and Human Sciences

Linda Wood, Facilities & Safety

Maria Molina, DeVos Sport Business Management

Maritza Pomales, Information Technologies and Resources

Mary Huggins, Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)

Maryline Rosario, College of Arts and Humanities

MC Santana, Student Advising – College of Arts and Humanities

*Megan Pabian, Student Health Services

Missi Feyer, School of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Nicole Arft, Regional Campuses

Omesh Persaud, Recreation and Wellness Center

Pam Hanson-Phillips, Office of Graduate Financial Assistance

Pamela McGlinchey, Modern Languages & Literature

Patricia Hall, Information Technology and Administration – UCF Libraries

Patricia Trovillion, UCF Police Department

Pauline Strauss, Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering

Richard Sloane, Director of Community Relations

Shelley Glaspie, Physics

Sue Ann Mann, Administration – College of Arts and Humanities

*Tee Rogers, Special Projects Coordinator

Thomas Hope, News and Information – Communications and Marketing

Tracy Balkham, Student Union Adminstration

Yee Lui, Student Financial Assistance



Tip:  Use “Ctrl + f” to search this page for department or individual name.  The UCF phonebook can give further contact information.  You may also contact the main office directly at 407.823.3094 or LiveUnited@ucf.edu.


This campaign is an opportunity to demonstrate the giving spirit of our Knight Family. We join together and create resources and solutions for our community. This campaign provides a secure method for our employees' personal charitable investments to any charity of their choice and offers personalized support for any questions or concerns. Please contact us at 407-823-3094 or LiveUnited@ucf.edu.