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Below is a toolbox to assist donors with pledging. Simply click the topic and information will expand below.

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Hurricane Relief Fund

Due to the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, The Heart of Florida United Way activated the United Way Relief Fund to support the Central Florida community on the road to recovery. 100% of donations to the Relief Fund will directly help Orange, Seminole and Osceola County residents recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

To donate through our campaign, choose “United Way Partner Agency” and indicate “Hurricane Relief Fund” in the field.  There is a minimum of $52 for any designation.

UNITED WAY AGENCIES (lists by county)


Click the counties below for a list of regional partner United Way partner agencies:

The United Way partner agencies are those who have applied for United Way funding to support a specific program. These programs have been vetted through a United Way community volunteer committee that reviews program effectiveness and fiscal responsibility.


There are four ways to align your contribution with your passion:

  1. Undesignated dollars are unrestricted donations that can be used by the United Way as they determine.
  2. United Way Focus Areas allow you to ask the United Way to use your donation to support programs that serve an area of need in our community. The areas include
    • Education – Helping children and youth achieve their potential
    • Income – Improving financial stability
    • Health – Developing healthy children and families
    • Basic needs – Alleviating hunger and homelessness
  3. United Way Partner Agencies are vetted by the United Way
  4. Write-In charities are any registered charitable agency (501(c)3) that does not receive funding from the United Way and has not been vetted by the United Way.


Find designation information like EIN (Tax ID), public financial records, charity ratings and more using the links below. You can use these links to find more information about the United Way and more. If you have questions or need help with finding agency information, contact us.


It is the Donor’s responsibility to determine how to invest their contribution. Best donor practices include learning about the charity before donating, looking at their financial records, touring the facility, and following up after your donation to find out how your money was used.

We share the resources above and are glad to assist you in the process of finding information about charities.  Donors are encouraged to make intentional, informed donations.  If you need assistance with locating charity information, contact us at 407-823-3094 or LiveUnited@ucf.edu.


Both at UCF and in our personal lives we are approached many times by worthy causes that need our support. You can ensure your giving fits into your life goals by making an intentional donor budget. Start by outlining your passions and the total amount you are willing to invest in giving back.  Identify campaigns, events, charities, or other causes that speak to your passions and budget your annual giving appropriately.  If you have questions about establishing a donor budget, contact us at 407-823-3094 or LiveUnited@ucf.edu.


Each donor makes an impact – every dollar donated makes a difference for someone in our community. We are especially grateful to the Leadership donors, who contribute more than 70% of our total each year.
In 2016 there were 94 leadership level donors who contributed $109,977.20.

($1000 and above)

Starting at only $38.50 per pay period (26 pay periods), you can be part of the United Way’s regional Leadership Club as well as being a university leadership donor.  Learn more on the Heart of Florida United Way’s Leadership Club page.

Leadership Levels:

  • Bronze, $1,000-$1499
  • Pewter, $1500 – $2499
  • Silver, $2500-$4999
  • Gold, $5000-$7499


Note that some below benefits may only be available to donors whose contribution went to the United Way or its partner agencies.

  • Leadership Recognition Plaque
  • Invitation to UCF Leadership Breakfast
  • Invitation to Leadership Day at SeaWorld (with 3 guests)
  • Invitation to join Women United
  • Membership in the Leadership Society

($500 – $999)

Starting at $19.25 per paycheck (26 pay periods), you can be part of the Leadership Donor Circle at UCF.  Leadership donors make an extraordinary impact and contribute as much as 75% of our total campaign fund.


  • Certificate of Recognition from UCF
  • Invitation to UCF Leadership Breakfast

The university does not take out any administrative cost or campaign fee to support this campaign. The United Way campaign fee and administrative costs of individual charities are explained below.

Campaign Fee: When dollars are designated to a specific agency (as opposed to giving undesignated gifts to the United Way or its focus areas), there are additional state and federal requirements and paperwork. To help with the extra cost, the United Way will deduct an eight percent (8%) campaign fee. This applies to both United Way partner agency and write-in designations.

Administrative Cost: All charitable agencies have overhead costs that include fundraising, management, and other operational expenses. These costs are levied by the agency when they receive the donation. You can find the administrative cost using the “Charity Research” section on this page. If you have questions, please contact that agency directly.