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Can I use a paper pledge form rather than the online system?

Yes – you can print it in English or Spanish. Send or bring them to the United Way Campaign office, Millican Hall, Suite 384. If you need assistance, email liveunited@ucf.edu or call 407.823.3094.

What is the Administrative Cost / Fee?  How much of my donation does the charity receive?

The university does not take out any administrative cost to support this campaign.  For questions about the United Way fees and costs, you will need to contact the United Way at 407.835.0900.  For questions about a specific charity’s fees and costs, you will need to contact that charity. You can also learn more using the research links provided with the designation information.

How can I research charities?

We provide links to resources such as Charity Navigator, Melissadata, Better Business Bureau, and more that will help you find information about charities such as their EIN/Tax ID number, ratings, budget information, services, administrative costs, contact information, and more. You may also visit the charity’s website, or contact them to learn more about their programming and how donor dollars are handled by their organization.

I need help with the online pledging system.  Who do I call?

If you’re looking for personalized assistance with navigating the system you can contact your department representative or the campaign office at 407.823.3094.  We are glad to meet in person or by phone to assist you.  If you’re having technical difficulties (ePledge site is down or not working properly), please contact the United Way at 407.835.0900 and ask for the ePledge Administrator.

What office at UCF is responsible for this campaign?

The Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance, Millican Hall 384, 407.823.3094.

Some members of my department would like to volunteer or tour an agency.  Can you help?

Yes.  Please contact us at 407-823-3094 or LiveUnited@ucf.edu.  We can help you identify an appropriate event.

Are the regional campuses part of this campaign?

Yes.  The university’s total giving includes all of the campuses as well as the student campaign dollars.  However, Regional Campus employees have the option to donate to their local communities, the regional affiliate agencies are listed in the online drop-down menu for designating. We are able to report the totals for each campus individually.  Anyone with questions about their regional campus should contact their campaign representative or the university’s campaign office, liveunited@ucf.edu or 407.823.3094 for assistance.

The list of agencies includes programs I am against supporting.  Why does UCF promote supporting controversial programs that practice discrimination?

The university does not promote or endorse any charity. It is the donor’s choice to which charity they designate their gift.  Donors may choose any charity and are not restricted to supporting the United Way or its affiliated agencies.  The United Way, when they provide funding to an agency, invests in a specific program that is required to have non-discrimination policy and demonstrates benefit to the community.  The United Way is not endorsing all activities of that agency; they are funding a specific aspect of the business activities. Donors also have the option through this campaign to designate to a charity of their choice that is not affiliated with the United Way.

Are there representatives in each department? How can I find out who the representative in my department is?

Most departments have a representative “Campaign Ambassador” who can help you with campaign questions.  If you need help finding your nearest Ambassador, email liveunited@ucf.edu with your request and department name, or call 407.823.3094.

Why does UCF endorse the United Way?

UCF does not endorse any charity, including the United Way.  We have chosen to pursue this partnership for many reasons; however, our employees continue to have the option, if they choose to participate, to invest their donation in any registered charity.

When does the campaign run?

October is Live United Month at UCF. We kick off at the beginning of October and close the campaign on October 31st, and accept pledges for a week or two after the final date. All major campaign activities will happen during October.  We coordinate this around other university activities such as the I Believe campaign, the Heart Walk, Relay for Life, and others.

I know a local business who would like to donate a give-away or sponsor an event. Where do I refer them?

We appreciate sponsorships and in-kind donations to support campaign activities. Please refer them to our campaign office, liveuntied@ucf.edu or 407.823.3094.

What is the difference between “Live United” and “I Believe”?

The “I Believe” Campaign is the UCF Foundation’s pledge drive to raise money for scholarships and projects at UCF.  All of the funds raised are kept within the university.

Live United, or the United Way Campaign, is a fundraising effort where we donate to charities external to UCF.

Can I donate to one of UCF’s charitable projects through the Live United campaign?

No.  Please make all donations to UCF entities through the university’s “I Believe” campaign.  Even UCF entities that are 501(c)3 agencies, such as the Center for Autism, should be supported through the Foundation.  The I Believe campaign also hosts online giving, payroll deduction, credit card options, and accepts cash and check donations.

You can visit their website, UCF Foundation, or contact them at 407.882.1220 for further information.

Is the online giving site secure?

Yes.  The site is administered by the United Way; however, they work closely with UCF’s Data Security Team, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and HRIS, and other relevant UCF departments.  We have a detailed data security agreement that is available for your review.

Please note that the paper pledge forms are hand-entered into the online system.  While we protect confidentiality and sensitive data of paper pledge forms, please remember that they will be viewed by both UCF and United Way employees as they are processed and the potential for errors increases as others enter your data into the online system.  If you use the online system, you enter your own pledge directly into the data source that is provided to UCF payroll for payroll deduction.

Is this the same as the “FSECC” campaign we used to have?

The United Way Campaign was established in 2011.  Prior to that, the university participated in the Florida State Employees’ Charitable Campaign (FSECC).  Both are employee charitable campaigns, but our new and stronger partnership with the United Way gives us more of a local focus, a more widely recognized campaign, and is part of a strong partnership our university has had with the United Way that includes research, student internship and experience opportunities, community impact, and more.

In addition, with the new campaign model our employees have the added benefit of being able to write in any charity of their choice, giving them full flexibility in how to invest their personal donations while they take advantage of the ability to do their personal giving through payroll deduction and support the university’s primary philanthropic effort.

My favorite charity is not a United Way agency. Can I still use payroll deduction to donate to my charity?

Yes!  You can designate a donation to any 501(c)3 agency.  There is a minimum of $52 ($2/paycheck) to designate to a specific charity.  Learn more about designation options.

Can i donate to more than one charity?

Yes.  The paper form only has room for one, so you may need to attach sheets.  The online form allows you to fill in as many as you would like.  Remember that each designation requires a $52 minimum contribution.

What is the minimum donation for payroll deduction?

A $2.00 donation (one time minimum, not per pay period) is required in order to do payroll deduction.

When do deductions begin if I choose Payroll Deduction?

We make our pledge in October.  In January, the deductions begin and they continue through December if you have chosen that option.  Your W2 in January will show the full amount that was deducted from Jan-Dec.

Example:   Pledge in Oct 2015 | Deduction from Jan to Dec 2016 | W2 in 2017

What if someone asks me to volunteer for this campaign and I do not wish to do so?

You may contact the university’s campaign manager (liveunited@ucf.edu or 407.823.3094) for a confidential consultation. Other resources include the University Ombuds Office, Compliance and Ethics, and Employee Relations.

How do I opt out of receiving the emails requesting donations?

You will receive one email from the ePledge system at the beginning of the campaign.  If you wish to receive no further emails, simply log into the system and either click “opt out” or make a contribution.  You will be removed from the list.  If you prefer not to log in, simply email us or call 407.823.3094 and let us know you would like to opt out of the system emails.

Why do I have to participate – I don’t support this campaign.

Participation is voluntary, and we work very hard to ensure that everyone feels respected:  invited, but never coerced.  If you feel coerced to either donate or volunteer, please let us know or report it to the UCF Integrity Line.

Why does UCF host an employee charitable campaign?

Many major employers offer their employees the option to make personal charitable donations through payroll deduction. We offer this as a benefit in that it provides you the flexibility to make your charitable investment in a convenient way with clear documentation on your W2 for tax purposes.

UCF stands for opportunity, and giving back is a way to create opportunity for friends and neighbors in need. One of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to community – one of our core values – is through the giving spirit of our Knight Family its many philanthropic activities. The United Way Campaign at UCF is part of our valued partnership with the United Way as well as being an important part of UCF’s tradition of giving back. Like all philanthropic activities on our campus, the United Way Campaign is driven by employee enthusiasm and participation; it is here because our employees value it.

Do I have to participate?  Who knows whether I participate?

Participation is always voluntary. The university does not track who participates and your decision is confidential.

What happens to my donation if I don’t designate?

The United Way hosts a committee of local individuals who distribute undesignated funds to United Way affiliated charities who compete for those dollars.

Can I host a fundraising event in my department?

 We encourage departments to find creative ways to share campaign information and accept pledge cards from employees; however, we do not host fundraising events on the department level.  We invite you to participate in overall campaign events such as the Expert Panel, a university-wide raffle, the Leadership Breakfast, and others.

Can we use prizes or give-aways at our meetings or as incentive for participation?  We’re glad to solicit them.

You can invite employees to participate in the campaign and they will receive chances to win in the Rewards Raffle.

Only employees specifically authorized by Vice President Merck through the campaign office should be soliciting for donations, and those are only for the campaign’s Rewards Raffle.  All who participate in the campaign receive chances to win per the guidelines on the Raffle page

I want to volunteer to help with the campaign – How do I start?

We’re glad to have you on the team!  Contact us at by email or at 407.823.3094.  We’ll tell you about involvement opportunities such as committees, leadership, campaign ambassadors, advocacy, events, etc. and help you find an opportunity that matches your interest and professional growth goals.

Are there leadership opportunities associated with this campaign?

Yes – We need individuals to serve as event chairs and other key roles.

Are there any awards/honors that campaign team members can win?

Yes!  There are two awards.  The Leadership Spirit Award is given to the top eight campaign team members – they receive a certificate and a private luncheon with Dr. Hitt and the CEO of the Heart of Florida United Way.  The first place winner also receives a trophy and $250 cash award sponsored by Barnes and Noble.



This campaign is an opportunity to demonstrate the giving spirit of our Knight Family. We join together and create resources and solutions for our community. This campaign provides a secure method for our employees' personal charitable investments to any charity of their choice and offers personalized support for any questions or concerns. Please contact us at 407-823-3094 or LiveUnited@ucf.edu.