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9/24/18, By Danielle Benghiat

It’s not too late to sign up to be part of UCF’s Team United!

What is a campaign without its advocates? It wouldn’t go far without boots-on-the-ground fighters who participate in outreach and support. As the voice of the campaign, advocates make a significant impact on our community by inspiring others within their departments. Every dollar raised has the potential to change a life; but we do more than just raise money.

We’re informing employees about resources available to them and to our students. For example, many people don’t know about United Way 2-1-1, which works like 911.  2-1-1 is a 24/7 helpline where all of us can reach a United Way volunteer and be connected with resources. Imagine a student unable to find housing or food, a colleague impacted by a storm, or a neighbor who has lost their employment and needs help keeping the lights on.  2-1-1 can help. The United Way is a champion for everyone, and we need advocates to stand and keep the fight going strong.

When we join the fight together, we can succeed in tackling some of Central Florida’s most daunting problems.  The United Way’s programs range from disaster relief to providing resources for veterans.  Their four focus areas are health, education, financial stability, and basic needs.  Employees can donate to the United Way, one of its focus areas or partner programs, or to any charity of their choice.

Our hope is that every UCF employee can make an informed decision about their participation.  To reach that goal, we need advocates to help us spread the word.  In addition, advocates can inform how the campaign is conducted and serve on university-level committees.

If you have a passion for positive impact – and want to change lives – join the fight today.

Advocates compete for an annual Advocate Leadership Award trophy and $250 cash award sponsored by Barnes & Noble.  Each advocate receives a certificate of service after completing the training.   Simply email liveunited@ucf.edu or call 407-823-3094 for more information!

If you’d like to make a pledge to support the campaign visit https://liveunited.ucf.edu/pledge-now/

United We Fight. United We Win.