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If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, try the Pledging Resources page or contact us at LiveUnited@ucf.edu or 407-823-3094.

How much has the campaign raised, and how long has UCF been involved in this?

Total raised in our workplace giving campaign since 1990: $3,313,780.09
Total raised for United Way Campaign (since 2011): $867,962.20

  • 2017 – $124,265.00
  • 2016 – $161,179.61
  • 2015 – $166,707.69
  • 2014 – $140,494.10
  • 2013 – $145,022.41
  • 2012 – $136,533.00
  • 2011 – $154,940.00


When does the campaign run?

October is Live United Month at UCF! From October 1st to October 31st, we reach out to the campus community and ask their support. We also host several campaign events, including an expert panel.

I want to help! How can I volunteer with the campaign?

Campaign Advocates in departments across our campus make this effort successful. Advocates assist by providing information within their departments and ensuring every employee can make an informed decision about whether or not to give.

There are also leadership opportunities for those interested in serving on or chairing university level committees such as marketing or events.

If you’re interested in joining the team, contact us!

Can we win prizes for participating? Is there a drawing?

Yes! We host a campaign prize drawing every year – and the earlier you pledge, the more chances you have to win!

Visit the Campaign Prize Drawing page for details.

Are there awards or honors that campaign volunteers can win?

Yes! Eight Advocates are chosen each year for their leadership and creativity in promoting the campaign. The first place winner receives a trophy and a $250 award sponsored by Barnes & Noble.

What is the difference between the “Live United” and “I Believe” campaigns? Can I donate to UCF through this campaign?

The “I Believe” Campaign is UCF Foundation’s pledge drive to raise funds for scholarships and projects at UCF. All of the money stays within the university. Contact 407-822-1220 or visit the UCF Foundation website for more information.

The “Live United” Campaign is UCF’s pledge drive to raise funds for external charitable agencies. All of the money leaves UCF.

While there are some 501(c)3 agencies at UCF (such as the Center for Autism and Limbitless Solutions – and UCF itself!) we ask you to help us by honoring the intent of each campaign. All contributions to UCF projects and programs should be channeled through the UCF Foundation.

Some members of my department would like to tour or volunteer with an agency. Can you help?

Absolutely! Please contact the campaign office at 407-823-3094 or email liveunited@ucf.edu.

Are the regional and satellite campuses part of this campaign?

Yes – this campaign engages our entire campus community! Because our regional campus employees potentially live in counties served by other United Way agencies, we partner with the Heart of Florida United Way to ensure our employees can direct their contributions to support their own local communities. If an employee directs their dollars to one of the partner United Ways, there will be no campaign fee (only, however, for gifts made to the United Way itself rather than designated to its partner agencies).

If you have questions about the regional or satellite campus campaigns, you may contact our campaign office, liveunited@ucf.edu or 407-823-3094 for assistance.

Can students get involved?

Absolutely! While the workplace giving campaign is focused on employees, there are many ways students can get involved. We’ve had students serve on committees (including leadership roles), volunteer with us, join our annual Live United Photo Shoot, assist with events, earn internships at the United Way, and more.

If you are interested, please contact us at 407-823-3094 or liveunited@ucf.edu.

Please note that the major student body fundraising effort is Knight Thon, benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network. Knight Thon raises more than a million dollars. Learn more about them and how to get involved at https://osi.ucf.edu/knight-thon.

What office at UCF is responsible for the campaign?

The Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer. To contact the Vice President’s Office, you can call 407-823-2351 or send an email to admfin@ucf.edu

What if i’m asked to donate to or volunteer for this campaign and I do not wish to do so?

Participation (financial or volunteer time) is always optional and should never be coerced. We ask our team to ensure that every employee has the information needed to make an informed decision about giving, but the choice to give is up to you.

If you feel like you have been coerced or that you are being asked to volunteer when you do not wish to do so, here are some resources for you:

Are there advocates in each department? How can I find out who mine is?

Many departments have and Advocate who can help you with campaign questions. You can find your representative on our Contact page or by reaching out to 407-823-3094 or liveunited@ucf.edu.

We’re always seeking great people around the university who want to serve as advocates! If you’re interested in joining the team, please let us know!

Why does UCF host a workplace giving campaign?

Many major employers offer the option to make personal charitable donations through payroll deduction as a benefit to their employees. This campaign educates our campus about challenges being faced in our community and empowers them to join together and make a difference. In addition, the university is committed to our community and this campaign is one of the many ways that our campus comes together to demonstrate the giving spirit of our Knight family.

We intentionally partner with the United Way for our workplace giving campaign – and in many other ways – because of its proven work for lasting solutions and services that address the most significant health and human service issues our community faces.

I can’t find something on your site. Do you have a list of pages?

Site Map:

My favorite charity is not a United Way partner agency. Can I still use payroll deduction?

Yes! You can designate to any 501(c)3 agency. You can learn more on the pledging resources page.

Note: To designate to any agency (including United Way partner agencies), there is a minimum pledge of $52 and a campaign fee of 8% is applied.

Why does UCF promote supporting controversial programs that practice discrimination?

The university does not promote or endorse any charity. Donors may choose any charity and are not restricted to supporting the United Way or its affiliated agencies.

The United Way, when they provide funding to an agency, invests in a specific program that is required to be non-discriminatory and demonstrates benefit to the community. The United Way is not endorsing all activities of that agency; they are funding a specific aspect of their business activities.

How do I opt out of receiving the campaign reminder emails?

If you fill out a pledge form and either click “opt out” or make a contribution, you will be removed from the list.

You may also email liveunited@ucf.edu or call 407.823.3094 and let us know you would like to opt out of the system emails

Who knows whether I have participated?

Participation is always voluntary. Your decision about your personal charitable investment is confidential.

Florida’s broad public records laws make all of our activity, including university campaign records, subject to public records requests. Also, for campaign management we do have an employee who has access to donor information as well as payroll employees who process deductions. The records are kept strictly confidential. Donor-specific information is never provided to supervisors, university leaders, or anyone else at the university.